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Procurement and Contracts Manager

Position Procurement and Contracts Manager

Location Dhaka, Bangladesh

Supervisor Senior Country Director, Alive and Thrive Project/Bangladesh


The Procurement and Contracts Manager will provide procurement and contracts management support for A&T Project subcontracts/subawards. S/he will manage subawards (purchase orders, sub-agreements, consultant agreements, and other awards) in accordance with AED-ARTS policy and donor requirements ensuring close coordination with technical/program staff and contract administration staff. S/he will take primary responsibility for A&T/Bangladesh budget development and management in line with Senior Country Director and Headquarters guidance.

The Procurement and Contracts Manager will work closely with the Finance and Operations Manager based in Bangladesh and headquarters finance, operations and accounting staff in Washington, DC to ensure smooth operations of AED-ARTS/Bangladesh office and compliance with AED-ARTS policies and regulations.

Major areas of responsibility

  • Manage and coordinate all local procurement and contracting, including procurement initiation and contract negotiations with local vendors and consultants, tracking of work progress and deliverables, payments and balances; and timely processing of payments and report approvals. Ensure procurement files are complete and accurate and in full compliance with the policies and procedures as provided by Headquarters and A&T Management Checklist.
  • Work closely with the Senior Country Director, Finance and Operations Manager and project Headquarters staff with regard to budget development and monitoring.
  • Ensure timely and accurate NGOAB reporting and compliance and follow up on all registration-related matters in close collaboration with Finance and Operations Manager.
  • Ensure compliance with AED-ARTS regulations in all contractual and procurement activities.

Specific responsibilities

  • Overall responsibility for project procurements, which includes the preparation and management of purchase orders, consultant work orders, letters of agreement, subcontracts and other procurement documents.
  • Collaborate with other members of A&T/Bangladesh operations team and headquarters team to administer procurements
  • Prepare and finalize with input from technical/program staff and Headquarters backstop as needed requests for proposals, quotations and applications; and negotiate favorable terms and conditions for A&T before finalizing subcontracts and subawards
  • Monitor budgets and work with Senior Country Director and program staff to negotiate changes to ensure that budgets contain cost estimates that are reasonable, allowable, and allocable with respect to technical objectives
  • Review the guidelines for competitive procurement and adhere to AED-ARTS procurement policies
  • Prepare the procurement memos and follow up with required clearances and approvals for all procurements
  • Serve as main liaison with the headquarters office on all procurement matters
  • Prepare advance lists of procurement and technical activities for planning efficient and timely inputs and procurement initiation to support technical staff for the completion of workplan activities
  • Maintain subcontractor deliverables, payment schedules, obligations, status of deliverables and payments, and current balances worksheet for each procurement and follow up as needed to maintain deadlines in coordination with Finance and Operations Manager. Update status reports and provide briefing to Senior Country Director at least monthly.
  • Prepare accrual reports on a monthly basis and as requested by the Senior Country Director and headquarters in coordination with Finance and Operations Manager
  • Work closely with the headquarters and field staff to prepare annual budgets. Responsibilities include developing and maintaining project budgets and preparing modifications as necessary; preparing pipeline analyses as required.
  • Monitor costs against budgets and obligated funds.
  • Ensure that financial and program reporting to NGOAB is submitted in a timely manner, issues and questions from NGOAB are addressed, status of submitted documents is tracked, and registration status is up to date in close collaboration with headquarters and Finance and Operations Manager.
  • Coordinate project activities with the Senior Country Director in order to support sound procurement management of these activities in accordance with AED-ARTS procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with local laws and tax regulations for local vendors and consultants.
  • Manage filing system for all contractual documents.
  • Maintain close communications with project partners and headquarters staff. Ensure prompt response (within 24-48 hours) and detailed follow up for queries from the headquarters office.
  • Maintain procurement guidelines, policies, and procedures up to date and keep Senior Country Director and Country Finance and Operations Manager updated on the latest rules and regulations and support him/her to carry out activities accordingly.
  • Perform other duties as necessary


  1. Degree or diploma in business management, finance, or other relevant field
  2. At least 5 years experience managing complex procurement activities in an international health or development project
  3. Proven budgeting and budget management skills
  4. Computer skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel
  5. Excellent organizational and written and oral communication skills in
  6. English
  7. Ability to work with minimum supervision
  8. Proven ability to pre-plan critical actions, carry out actions in an efficient and timely manner
  9. Track record of following instructions, being a team player, ability to deal with multiple tasks, flexibility and getting critical tasks completed on time.

How to apply

Applicants should please submit CV to hirelog@gmail.com.