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Clean, Fed & Nurtured: Joining forces to promote child growth and development


Bringing together WASH, Nutrition, and ECD

WASHINGTON, D.C.—May 3, 2013—A small group of experts from the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), nutrition, and early childhood development (ECD) sectors met to discuss, debate and explore cross-sectoral collaboration opportunities that would ultimately contribute to thriving children that are clean, fed & nurtured. This consultative meeting was designed to spark a larger and richer dialogue among these sectors.

The Clean, Fed & Nurtured consultative meeting addressed the science and practice, focusing on children from birth to 3 years. The meeting sought to develop a shared understanding of the impacts on child growth and development of WASH, nutrition and ECD, alone or in synergy; reflect on existing and potential programs that integrate the sectors; and begin a global conversation that will identify future concrete actions that promote practical guidance to support child growth and development. The agenda included a panel on evidence, presentations of field program examples, and discussions on shared indicators, priority household practices, and future actions. A detailed report including insights and outcomes from the meeting will follow. Additional meeting materials and handouts can be found here.

This consultative meeting was co-sponsored by Alive & Thrive, FHI 360, the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing, Save the Children, USAID and WASHplus. Participants included representatives from various international development organizations, non-profit organizations, government entities, public and private sectors, universities, and research institutions. The meeting was held May 2-3, 2013, and was hosted by FHI 360’s D.C. office.