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National Coordinator (Project Director), Burkina Faso


FHI 360 is a global development organization with a rigorous, evidence-based approach. Our professional staff includes experts in health, nutrition, education, economic development, civil society, environment and research. FHI 360 operates from 60 offices with 4,400 staff in the U.S. and around the world. Our commitment to partnerships at every level and our multidisciplinary approach enable us to have a lasting impact on the individuals, communities and countries we serve–improving lives for millions. We seek qualified candidates for the position of National Coordinator (Project Director I), Alive and Thrive, based in Burkina Faso.

Project Description:

Alive & Thrive is an initiative to improve infant and young child feeding practices by increasing rates of exclusive breastfeeding and improving complementary feeding practices. The first 1,000 days, from conception to two years of age, provide a window of opportunity to prevent child deaths and ensure healthy growth and brain development. Alive & Thrive is scaling up nutrition through large-scale programs in several countries in Asia and Africa and through strategic technical support for adaptation of tools and approaches and dissemination of learnings worldwide.  Alive & Thrive is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with supplemental funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), and Irish Aid.


Three national infant and young child feeding (IYCF) programs and a global program framework have been developed under this grant. The grant is now being extended until the end of 2017 to transfer the lessons, tools and approaches to other countries, including Burkina Faso. Lessons learned, tools and approaches developed in Burkina Faso are expected to be applied to other countries in West Africa.

Additional Responsibilities:

The Project Director will serve as a focal point for facilitating communication and sharing of experiences in the area of implementing large scale promotion of breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices from Burkina Faso, the francophone Africa region and Alive & Thrive.  He/she will ensure that development stakeholders in the country are fully aware of the importance of IYCF for Burkina Faso’s public health and development goals, that stakeholders can specify the key policies and strategies of the country for the promotion of breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, and that the roles and responsibilities of each main stakeholder as well as current trends and progress in indicators are widely known. 


The Project Director will be A&T’s leading technical and managerial link in the country and will be guided by A&T’s HQ team for day to day activities. She/he will ensure technical excellence in the design, implementation, follow up and analysis of the A&T supported activities and will facilitate policy dialogue and stakeholder partnerships with relevant sectors.  He/she will facilitate timely program monitoring and oversight to identify and address problems in implementation, make arrangements for visit field sites, will travel to program implementation sites, support information exchange within an alliance of pro-IYCF institutions and foster links with other NGOs, UN, bilateral and governmental agencies and academic institutions working in related areas. She/he will identify opportunities for and help transfer the lessons learned from A&T’s first phase of IYCF country models to achieve Burkina Faso’s National IYCF Scale Up Plan and IYCF components of Child Survival initiatives such as IMCI (community and facilities).  Existing platforms and programs will be used as the primary strategy for rapid scale up, such as maternal health (ANC, deliveries, PNC), pneumonia and diarrhea treatment, ORS and zinc promotion, Sahel resilience initiatives, essential newborn care and related innovations (e.g. Pay for Performance, reducing barriers to access, etc).


Technical and Program Leadership and Management


Under the guidance of A&T/HQ,


  • Plan, direct, and coordinate A&T country program in Burkina Faso to ensure goals and objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters.
  • Identify opportunities in current maternal and child health programs and policies for strengthening breastfeeding and complementary feeding interventions through application of relevant A&T approaches and tools, to ensure rapid scale-up throughout the country
  • Facilitate communication among government and implementing partners engaged with A&T to scale up IYCF, including quarterly meetings of a national network or alliance of stakeholders committed to scale up breastfeeding interventions in Burkina Faso under the umbrella of the government.
  • Develop annual work plans, monitoring plans, and budgets to meet project goals and ensure compliance with policies.
  • Prepare program reports for A&T supported activities in Burkina Faso. Serve as an active participant in A&T team meetings to provide updates, reports and feedback.  Act as a key link between the Burkina Faso stakeholder and the A&T/HQ team.
  • Identify and arrange for short term TA from A&T/HQ and other institutions to strengthen existing activities of scaling up breastfeeding and related interventions in Burkina Faso.  Based on findings from assessments, this may involve, arranging for technical support for training activities at various levels, preparing and checking translations and adaptations of A&T materials, facilitating identification and supervision of community mobilization and breastfeeding promotion/support in health services, media and communication activities, development and implementation of supervision and monitoring checklists and ensuring their correct use.
  • Facilitate and ensure the development, pre-testing and printing of high quality, field-rested and adapted job aids, supervisory tools, advocacy briefs and IEC materials under the supervision of A&T/HQ.
  • Supervise sampling and data collection from program sites sampled from across regions in the country, and/or obtain appropriate expert agencies to do the same with the guidance of A&T/HQ
  •  Assist other stakeholders engaged in Burkina Faso to scale up breastfeeding and complementary feeding in the strategic use of data to achieve high impact at scale through interventions such as multi-channel communication, community mobilization and advocacy interventions and tools based on past A&T experience, as adapted for Burkina Faso.
  • Ensure high quality documentation as per the plans developed by A&T. Identify gaps in knowledge and suggest how to help fill in information gaps to ensure technical quality in A&T’s program components.  Identify opportunities for collaborations on studies and data generating activities to promote IYCF learnings. Oversee data collection, assessments, reviews and interviews as needed.
  • Maintain close coordination and dialogue with key stakeholders in the national IYCF alliance, in other sectors, implementers at province and district levels in all regions of the country as well as others in government, NGOs, UN, bilaterals and institutions involved in IYCF and related programs and policy development.
  • Facilitate site visits of A&T staff and consultants in Burkina Faso, collaborate with other team members and consultants working with A&T to ensure technical quality and relevance. Identify relevant technical inputs, documents, papers, feedback from Burkina Faso to A&T/HQ.
  • Translate relevant A&T learnings and tools from all components in collaboration with other staff and consultants. Assist with development of a dissemination plan and broad dissemination of the A&T program documents to as wide an audience as possible in Burkina Faso. Integrate A&T’s lessons learned and tools into existing national working groups and task forces as appropriate, and manage stakeholder relationships in collaboration with the A&T/HQ team. Help to integrate key IYCF messages/lessons and tools into other health sector, nutrition, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and nutrition programs.
  • Provide lessons learned, success stories, and other materials for monthly and quarterly reports for the project. Research and write reports and project materials. Represent the A&T initiative in national and international venues as the senior technical leader of the initiative for Burkina Faso. Provide ongoing technical inputs to A&T supported activities, ensure quality of reports, tools, communications and advocacy materials, and M&E materials to ensure technical soundness and consistency across all components. Advise on how best to document and extract lessons learned from various program components.
  • Oversee financial management of the A&T/Burkina Faso program, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting, budget monitoring, and compliance with FHI 360 policies and procedures in all financial, contractual, and procurement activities.
  • Work closely with the Finance Manager and relevant HQ staff to prepare, track, and monitor annual budgets.
  • Oversee all administrative and logistical aspects of office operations.
  • Medical or social sciences advanced degree (masters or post-graduate level or higher is essential) in public health, behavior change communication, nutrition, medical/nursing sciences or related development studies.
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in design, implementation, management, capacity building related to improving health/nutrition/behavior change indicators  including planning and analysis, training and services delivery programs.
  • Fluency in written and oral French and English.
  • Excellent reputation in teamwork and facilitating dialogue and communications among diverse institutions and sectors
  • Skilled in both technical and program management and administrative tasks, and motivated to understand and perform tasks such as fulfilling A&T project planning and reporting requirements in a timely manner 
  • Demonstrated experience and high acceptability in working with government, NGOs and donors in Burkina Faso or Francophone West Africa.
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully working across sectors (other than health) with senior government authorities, academic experts, national health partners, preferably in Burkina Faso or West Africa.
  • Proficiency in the use of MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc) and the Internet.

If you’re interested, please e-mail your CV to aliveandthrive@fhi360.org with "Application: National Coordinator (Project Director), Burkina Faso" in the subject line, in addition to submitting an application here.