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November 2013 | New Alive & Thrive technical and program resources

Issue 7 | Insight Technical Brief

The latest technical brief examines why infants require a much higher quality diet than other members of the household, identifies nutrient gaps in typical complementary food diets, and describes strategies for achieving adequate nutrient intake.

Media engagement in Bangladesh

A practical guide on engaging the media in advocacy for child nutrition uses Alive & Thrive’s experience in Bangladesh as a case study. A presentation summarizes the highlights, lessons, and impact of the media engagement strategy.

Forum on Stunting Reduction

Presentations and videos at the Alive & Thrive Forum on Stunting Reduction in Ethiopia focus on the causes and consequences of stunting and multisectoral approaches to address them.

20th International Congress of Nutrition

Presentations from a panel at the International Congress of Nutrition in Spain identify factors facilitating scale up of nutrition interventions, the role of frontline workers and mass media, and links between nutrition and hygiene.