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Request for Proposals: Urban Health Specialist (Consultant Opportunity)


Task:                                  Technical assistance for Alive & Thrive, Generation 2 Project as Urban Health Specialist

Issued on:                          August 16, 2017

Proposals Due on:             September 7, 2017

Anticipated Period of Performance:   September 15, 2017 –  August 31, 2020


Background and Objective:
In Bangladesh, Alive & Thrive works to provide technical assistance in maternal, infant and young child nutrition related components to operationalize the National Nutrition Operational Plan of GOB.  Under the leadership of the Government of Bangladesh, A&T plans to focus its efforts on expanding the reach and coverage of MIYCN services using the government’s health service delivery platforms. A&T will contribute to achievements in the following areas:

  • Increased coverage of timed and age targeted breastfeeding counseling and support to 50% by 2021 (mothers to be reached at delivery and in the first six months);
  • Increased coverage of timed and targeted complementary feeding counseling and support to 50% by 2021;
  • Increased coverage of maternal IFA supplementation during pregnancy;
  • Increased coverage of calcium supplementation during pregnancy;
  • Adoption of evidence-based guidelines for MIYCN by 2020.

To achieve the results A&T is interested to provide technical assistance to ADB, UNDP and the GoB for implementation and research in urban health project. For this purpose, an urban health specialist is required for a consultancy.


The leveraging of other donor resources is a high priority for A&T’s programs globally, so this position will support the Country Director in providing high quality technical support services to donors such as ADB, UNDP, World Bank, UNICEF and others.



  1. Provide short term strategic technical assistance to ADB $/ UNDP for the following TAs
  2. Tool development for performance appraisal, pretest and adaptation of the tools.
  3. Tools development for monitoring and evaluation, pretest and adaptation through checklist on EBF, EIBF, CF, MN
  4. Use of Learnings / Strategic use of data
  5. Support to oversee the implementation research of urban franchise in two to four wards under the ADB and UNDP urban projects
  6. Contribute to the MIYCN component of the urban nutrition strategy under NNSOP
  7. Facilitate technical partnerships and networking with key stakeholders in government, UNICEF, international organizations / professional associations and academia and other developmental partners eg IYCF Alliance.


Proposal Instructions and Deadline:

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the freelance consultancy. Please submit a technical proposal along with a CV detailing your experience and suitability for the role to <> and copy to <> no later than September 7, 2017 at 5 p.m. (Dhaka time). Applications that do not clearly address the suitability of the candidate for this specific position will not be reviewed. Offers received after this date and time will not be accepted for consideration. FHI 360 will acknowledge receipt of your proposal by email. Proposals must be submitted in electronic format.

Any questions or requests for clarification need to be submitted in writing to the same email addresses by August 24, 2017 at 5 p.m. (Dhaka time).  Answers will be shared with all firms. No telephone inquiries will be answered.



For the full Request for Proposals and Biodata Form, please click on the links.



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