A combined and mutually reinforcing impact

Family in Viet Nam viewing feeding advertisementMass communication campaigns—including high-quality television and radio spots—were a cost-effective way to reach large, national audiences rapidly. Results show that mass communication contributed to changes in infant and young child feeding behaviors.

In Bangladesh, a national mass media campaign, including frequent broadcasting of television spots, contributed to improvements in several feeding behaviors. Below, see how children’s consumption of iron-rich foods—critical for healthy growth—increased in program areas with the mass media campaign.

When we combined mass media with interpersonal communication between mothers and frontline workers, we saw even greater changes in feeding behaviors. Together, the two program components had a powerful impact.

Mass media and interpersonal communication have a combined and mutually reinforcing impact in Bangladesh

Basline (2010)
Mass media only (2013)
Mass media + interpersonal (2013)

“We see mass media as essential for what we accomplished, and a good buy at that. Our television and radio campaigns ensured we reached scale and that we shifted social norms by engaging decision makers and frontline workers as well as families in their communities.”


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