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RFP: Assessment of Commercial Violations of BMS Code

Issued on:     November 17, 2017

Title:     Assessment of Commercial Violations of Breast Milk Substitutes (BMS) Code in Bangladesh

Proposal Deadline:     December 15, 2017

Anticipated Period of Performance:   January 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018



Program goal
The overarching goal of A&T is to change behaviors and improve lives. In Bangladesh, A&T will contribute to this goal through strengthening systems for MIYCN interventions by providing technical assistance to government, development partners, and other stakeholders to accelerate delivery of MIYCN interventions. The primary outcomes are to contribute to increased coverage of timed and age targeted breastfeeding counseling and support; increased coverage of timed and targeted complementary feeding counseling and support; increased coverage of maternal IFA supplementation during pregnancy; increased coverage of maternal calcium supplementation during pregnancy; increased coverage of maternal dietary diversity (at least five food groups) counseling during pregnancy; and adoption of evidence-based guidelines for MIYCN.

Background and objectives
A key component of MIYCN is the promotion of breastfeeding and supportive strategies. Breastfeeding practices are influenced by a variety of factors, including the production of manufactured breastmilk substitutes which can negatively affect breastfeeding practices. To regulate the marketing of breastmilk substitutes in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Parliament adopted revised national regulations on the marketing of breastmilk substitutes in 2013 (“The Breast-milk Substitutes, Infant Foods, Commercially Manufactured Complementary Foods and the Accessories Thereof (Regulation of Marketing) Act, 2013”).

To track compliance to national measures on marketing of breastmilk substitutes in Bangladesh, A&T aims to complete an assessment of relevant products (infant, follow-up or follow-on, growing-up formulas, bottles and teats) in commercial settings, including labeling, promotions, marketing tactics, etc. The exercise will involve completing an assessment of commercial settings (supermarkets/large chains, independent stores/small retailers, pharmacies) to assess the extent of promotions at retail outlets and assess product labels. To conduct the assessment as described above, we are seeking an independent firm or NGO to complete the assessment in selected commercial sites in 1-3 cities in Bangladesh (e.g. Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet).


Scope of work

Contractor will conduct the study on “Assessment of Commercial Violations of Breast Milk Substitutes (BMS) Code in Bangladesh” as per the SOW. A&T will provide support for getting permission of the research protocol to the Institutional Review Board for ethical clearance, advise on the site selection, provide initial drafts of data collection tools, and provide the criteria for data analysis. A&T will provide training on the data collection and data analysis tools, to be replicated by the Contractor if needed for additional personnel. Input from the Contractor on all the above items for refining the approach and tools will be requested.

Geographical focus
The contractor will make visits to up to a total of 48 retail outlets in Dhaka selling relevant products: 1) 38 small stores or pharmacies; and 2) 10 large stores. Additionally, the contractor may make additional visits to up to 43 retail outlets in Chittagong and up to 41 retail outlets in Sylhet depending on costs. Small stores include corner stores, stalls, and neighborhood stores or mudi dokan. Pharmacies should be independent—and not associated with health facilities. Large stores sell a high volume and variety of relevant products.


Data Collection
Enumerators will start in one large store and purchase a single item of relevant product and take it back to the office for recording. A list of the purchased products should be made and then taken to a second large store. The enumerator should purchase all products encountered that do not appear on the original list. This process should be repeated for up to five stores or until no new products are found. Enumerators will use a data collection tool to collect information on all types of promotions. Where promotions are observed, data collectors will take a photograph. Photographs must be high quality because detailed information will be extracted from them.

Desk Review
A desk review will be conducted to analyze the data collected at the retailers. First, labels in the pictures or on the actual products will be examined based on a checklist of criteria on the information and images that should/not appear on product labels per the “Breast-milk Substitutes, Infant Foods, Commercially Manufactured Complementary Foods and the Accessories Thereof (Regulation of Marketing) Act, 2013.” Second, the promotional materials will be examined based on a separate checklist of criteria. A&T will provide the checklists.

The implementation period for the project will be two months after clearance of IRB.


Anticipated Contractual Mechanism
A&T anticipates issuing a fixed-price purchase order to the offeror(s) whose proposal is most advantageous, cost and other factors considered. A fixed price contract calls for one firm price, not subject to any adjustment based on the contractor’s cost experience in performance of the contract. This fixed-price is established at the outset, when the contract is negotiated and signed.


Proposal Instructions and Deadline
Responses to this RFP should be submitted by email to the A&T project to the attention of  and  no later than December 15, 2017 at 5 p.m. (Dhaka time). Offers received after this date and time will not be accepted for consideration. FHI will acknowledge receipt of your proposal by email. Proposals must be submitted in electronic format.

Any questions or requests for clarification need to be submitted in writing to the same email addresses by December 05, 2017 at 5 p.m. (Dhaka time).  Answers will be shared with all firms. No telephone inquiries will be answered.



For the full Request for Proposals and Budget Template, please click on the links.

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