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RFP: Communications Strategy

Request for Proposals

Subject:               Communications Strategy

Issued on:           March 31, 2017

Application Submission Deadline:  April 21, 2017



FHI Solutions is establishing a Center for Dietary Intake Assessment (hereafter referred to as the “Center”) through a $5M grant provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to FHI Solutions for the period of February 2017-Janaury 2021. The goal of the Center is to help improve the nutritional status of vulnerable populations in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) by increasing the availability and use of reliable dietary intake data.  The Center’s specific objectives are to:

  • Provide technical assistance to governments, survey implementers, and civil society organizations (CSOs) for collecting, analyzing, and using dietary intake data for evidence-based decision making
  • Develop an overall composite indicator of diet quality and at least two simple metrics to assess different domains of diet quality
  • Develop a set of metrics to assess and track the cost and affordability of a nutritious diet by region and at a national level; and
  • Expand and diversify Center funding to demonstrate cross-donor buy-in and foster sustainability

To ensure that the Center’s work is relevant, timely, and demand-driven, the Center operates from the premise that the global community should help orient and guide the Center’s work. As such, the involvement of countries, donors, and UN agencies will be actively sought at strategic stages of the Center’s work, through the establishment of stakeholder groups and the convening of global meetings. In addition, the Center aims to establish collaborative partnerships with researchers and organizations working on dietary intake assessment methods, and to liaise closely with other global dietary data initiatives underway, seeking opportunities for collaboration, synergies, and ensuring that the Center’s work is complementary and not duplicative of other efforts. Over the life of the current grant, the Center therefore expects to interact and work with researchers, academic institutions, nutrition and development implementers, UN organizations (such as FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP, WHO), nutrition, health, agriculture, and finance staff in LMIC governments, and donor agencies (both government donor agencies and foundations).


The Center is interested in developing a communication strategy that will position the Center to engage effectively with stakeholders, demonstrate the success of the Center’s work, and ensure that stakeholders understand what the Center does. To this end, the Center is seeking a firm to develop a communications strategy to help inform the design and development of Center activities, products, and publications, as well as the Center’s website to be developed.  The strategy will be used to help guide the distribution vehicles to be used for Center products and publications; and the most effective processes by which to engage stakeholders in the Center’s work. The strategy to be developed should incorporate written and interactive medium as well as the use of digital medium and tools (e.g., utilizing social media, etc.), as deemed appropriate, and should help the Center to achieve its overall organizational objectives by promoting an enabling environment for the uptake of Center products and services.

More specifically, the Center is seeking a firm that will develop a communications strategy that will help the Center to:

  • Plan and design a virtual “launch” of the Center, tentatively scheduled for September 2017
  • Establish a unique identity with the Center’s target audience
  • Attain a broad global reach with Center products and services, to increase awareness about and interest in the Center’s work (i.e., demand creation)
  • Define the Center’s various target audiences, realistic communication objectives for each target audience, and outline appropriate ways (including media and information networks) to reach, engage and build relationships with the different audiences and user-groups at various phases in the undertaking of the Center’s activities, and delivery of Center products and services
  • Identify the most appropriate communication products for different activities and to reach various target audiences
  • Identify strategies to communicate about the Center’s work effectively and at “the right time” through collaboration with other institutions or piggy-backing on other pre-existing events
  • Develop a dissemination strategy for various Center products with various Center audiences that is strategic and appropriately targeted
  • Encourage further investment by donors

In addition, the communications strategy to be developed should assess the existing landscape for the work to be undertaken by the Center and should include an assessment of the assumptions and risks that could undermine the implementation of the communication strategy.  The strategy should also be feasible to implement within the current funding and period of performance available to the Center.

This solicitation is for proposals to develop the Center’s communication strategy as outlined in the draft Scope of Work (Annex 1) in the full Request for Proposals


Responsibilities of the Contractor

  1. Meet (via phone, skype or video conference) with the Center for a full briefing
  2. Seek feedback from the Center during the process to develop a Communications Strategy, seeking clarification to questions and input from the Center, as deemed useful and appropriate by the Firm
  3. Develop an outline of a Communications Strategy for review by the Center
  4. Develop a draft Communications Strategy for review by the Center
  5. Develop a revised Communications Strategy for review by the Center
  6. Develop a final Communications Strategy for review and approval by the Center


Anticipated Deliverables – Please refer to the draft Scope of Work (SOW) in Annex 1 in the full Request for Proposals.


Requests for Clarification

Any questions or requests for clarification need to be submitted to the attention of Jack McLaughlin at and copy to by April 7, 2017 5:00 P.M. EST. Inquiries and answers to inquires will be shared with all interested parties via email, and at the following web address  No telephone inquiries will be answered.

Submission Instructions

Responses to this RFP should be submitted by email to Jack McLaughlin ( with a copy to no later than April 21, 2017 5:00 PM EST. Submissions received after this date and time may not be accepted.  The Center will acknowledge receipt of your submission by email.

Firms must provide complete contact information for the Center to respond to applications, issues raised by applicants, negotiate the contract, and administer the contract. Complete contact information includes names, titles, and responsibilities for personnel; organizational street and mailing addresses; and phone/fax numbers and e-mail addresses of key project personnel.


For the full Request for Proposals and Budget Template, please click on the links.

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