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RFP: Logo and Website Design and Development

Request for Proposals

Subject:               Logo and Website Design and Development

Issued on:           March 31, 2017

Application Submission Deadline:  April 21, 2017

CORRECTION on term of website maintenance after launch – posted April 17, 2017


FHI Solutions is establishing a Center for Dietary Intake Assessment (hereafter referred to as the “Center”).  The goal of the Center is to help improve the nutritional status of vulnerable populations in low-and middle-income countries by increasing the availability and use of reliable dietary intake data.  The Center’s specific objectives are to:

  • Provide technical assistance to governments, survey implementers, and civil society organizations (CSOs) for collecting, analyzing, and using dietary intake data for evidence-based decision making
  • Develop an overall composite indicator of diet quality and at least two simple metrics to assess different domains of diet quality
  • Develop a set of metrics to assess and track the cost and affordability of a nutritious diet by region and at a national level; and
  • Expand and diversify Center funding to demonstrate cross-donor buy-in and foster sustainability


The Center is currently seeking a firm to design and develop the Center’s logo identity (‘branding’); and design and develop the Center’s website.

The Center’s logo identity will be used on all products and publications created by the Center. As the Center aims to have global reach and a unique identity, the logo identity designed for the Center should be memorable, recognizable, and cross-culturally appropriate and relevant.

The Center’s website will host information about the Center; and guidance, tools, and publications related to dietary intake assessment for user-download. The main target audiences for the website are researchers and nutrition and development implementers. The website interface should be user-friendly and intuitive, and responsive and adaptive to the user, device and type of interaction. The website to be developed should be compatible for use with popular browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome, support multimedia content on the website (e.g., video, animation page, audio, flash, etc.), and include a search engine function for the user to search webpages and uploaded files on the website. The website should also be able to be easily upgraded to add new features in the future, should have the most up to date security system with the ability to backup data regularly, and should be able to be hyperlinked easily to and by other websites.

This solicitation is for proposals to design and develop the Center’s logo identity; and design and develop the Center’s website as outlined in the draft Scope of Work (Annex 1) in the full Request for Proposals

 Responsibilities of the Contractor

  1. Meet (via phone, skype or video conference) with the Center for a full briefing
  2. Seek feedback from the Center during the process to design a logo and website for the Center, providing at least 12 design options for a logo and 5 design options for a website. Expect a minimum of two revisions for all options.
  3. Develop the logo design option selected by the Center
  4. Provide a logo usage guide
  5. Develop the website design option selected by the Center
  6. Obtain domain registration for the website
  7. Provide a strategy for search engine optimization
  8. Provide a security solution and quality control mechanism for the website
  9. Develop a plan for testing the website on the internet environment
  10. Test the website
  11. Upload content on the website
  12. Develop a plan for monitoring the use of the website, and number of downloads. Google Analytics must be incorporated.
  13. Develop a reference guide to assist future content managers in managing the website
  14. Support the Center to manage, troubleshoot, and maintain the website for 3 months after launching the website

Anticipated Deliverables – Please refer to the draft Scope of Work (SOW) in Annex 1 in the Request for Proposals.


Requests for Clarification

Any questions or requests for clarification need to be submitted to the attention of Jack McLaughlin at with a copy to by April 7 5:00 P.M. EST. Inquiries and answers to inquires will be shared with all interested parties via email, and at the following web address . No telephone inquiries will be answered.

Submission Instructions

Responses to this RFP should be submitted by email to Jack McLaughlin ( with a copy to no later than April 21, 2017 5:00 PM EST. Submissions received after this date and time may not be accepted.  FHI Solutions will acknowledge receipt of your submission by email.


For the full Request for Proposals and Budget Template, please click on the links.

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