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RFP: SBCC technical assistance to Alive & Thrive in Indonesia

Issued:  November 2, 2017

Title of assignment: SBCC technical assistance to Alive & Thrive in Indonesia

Anticipated Period of performance: December 1, 2017 to May 30, 2018

Estimated level of effort (maximum): 85 billable days

Deadline for proposals submission:  November 22, 2017

Location:  Work to be performed remotely, with 3 trips to Jakarta, Indonesia (10-12 days each trip) if consultant is not local


Alive & Thrive (A&T) Generation 2, is in its third and final phase with the goal to further cultivate sustainability of projects and processes that generate positive maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) social and behavior change. Generation 2 builds on past achievements, draws upon new MICYN scientific knowledge, and adapts to the evolving nutrition landscape. Generation 2 includes country-specific activities in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, and Nigeria. Regional efforts focus on the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). A&T provides MIYCN technical assistance to other countries through partnerships. UNICEF and World Bank are key partners across most Generation 2 country-specific activities. These strategic partnerships leverage national and regional coverage of high payoff MIYCN policies and interventions on a variety of platforms.

A&T is anticipating supporting the government of Indonesia in collaboration with the World Bank and other local partners in developing an integrated social and behavior change communication (SBCC) plan for stunting reduction in Indonesia for the forthcoming multi-sectoral early years program, and for the Healthy Indonesia Program through the Family Approach Program. Specific focus areas included: inter-personal communication, alignment of ongoing SBCC interventions implemented by different organizations, and the household conditional cash transfer program, Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH). Breastfeeding and complementary feeding— including complementary feeding messages that are promoted through multi-sectoral platform, and incorporate nutrition-sensitive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as well as agriculture messages — are priorities.

Prior to the development and execution of an effective communications strategy in 2019, several activities are proposed using investments from both the Government of Indonesia’s revised budget for 2018, and development partners such as the World Bank, UNICEF and A&T. Formative research is anticipated, and once complete would be used to develop the communications strategy. An assessment of the content and delivery modalities of PKH’s Family Development Sessions (FDSs) and documentation of results and recommendations in a landscape study/policy options paper is another activity intended to support the strategy development. This assessment will provide specific recommendations to strengthen the FDS modules and modalities which can then lead to planning and implementing improved FDS sessions and other communication interventions. The communications strategy would include the following topics: primary and secondary target audience segmentation; barriers and desired changes per audience; messaging; and channels, activities and materials mix per audience. This strategy would then be used to guide the planning and implementation of more effective communication interventions for stunting reduction and human capital development.

Detailed Task Description
Alive & Thrive seeks to contract with a qualified consultant or firm to provide technical assistance to design and support an assessment process and develop recommendations for a social and behavior change communications strategy/approach for PKH, the conditional cash transfer program in Indonesia.

Tasks and Activities
The consultant or firm will be expected to work in collaboration with A&T’s ASEAN region (based in Viet Nam) and HQ staff to initially develop a final methodology for an assessment of the content and implementation modalities of FDS of the PKH program. The consultant or firm personnel, if based outside of Indonesia, will be expected to travel to Indonesia at various stages of the activity to work directly with ASEAN regional staff, and other partners, including UNICEF and the World Bank, who are collaborating on this initiative—to utilize the PKH program as a potential mechanism for SBC activities to reduce stunting in Indonesia.

Specific Activities

  • Develop a final methodology for an assessment of the FDS of the PKH program in Indonesia as a vehicle for nutrition-related social and behavior change. The assessment will cover FDS content, delivery modalities, and the enabling environment.
  • Participate in three appropriately-scheduled trips to Indonesia to work with the A&T ASEAN team and other local partners to carry out this assignment. Each trip is anticipated to be approximately 10-12 days. Travel dates will most likely be in: 1) December 2017; 2) January 2018; and 3) March 2018.
  • Contribute to a review of available materials on the FDS of the PKH program, and observe FDS sessions as needed to develop the assessment methodology.
  • Draft the final assessment plan for review by A&T, which will ultimately be submitted by A&T to the World Bank for approval.
  • Make recommendations for the type of organization best suited to carry out the assessment work, and contribute to the assessment SOW/RFP, as needed, proposing an implementation plan that aligns with the timeline for this activity. The assessment will be implemented by an organization selected by the funding partner; implementation activities will not be funded by A&T and are not the responsibility of the selected consultant to manage directly.
  • Provide technical support in the interpretation of the data resulting from the assessment, working in close collaboration with the World Bank, UNICEF, other local partners, and regional and HQ A&T staff.
  • Draft a presentation based on the results of the assessment, drawing on global information as appropriate, for a policy-dialogue discussion with Indonesian government officials. The presentation should include draft recommendations for improvements in integrating multi-sectoral nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive messages into the PKH program.
  • Based on the results of the assessment and policy dialogue, and other developments over the course of the assignment, draft a landscape study/policy options paper.


Submission Requirements
To be considered, interested bidders should submit:

  1. CV of proposed key personnel
  2. Signed biodata form completed for proposed key personnel
  3. Short summary of relevant work experience (max 2 pages)
  4. Statement of availability during the proposed period of performance
  5. A proposed daily or hourly rate for proposed key personnel*
  6. Examples of past work relevant to this assignment
  7. 3 references with contact information
  8. An email address through which A&T can confirm submission of the proposal

*Travel Costs:  It is anticipated that Alive & Thrive will purchase airline tickets directly, but other travel costs will be paid by the consultant/organization out of pocket and submitted for reimbursement using an expense report or invoice template that will be provided upon award.


Anticipated Contractual Mechanism
It is anticipated that a Consultant Agreement will be issued for this activity.  The consultant will invoice based on actual time worked and travel expenses incurred, pursuant to the terms of the agreement.  Payments will be contingent on timely submission and approval of deliverables and appropriate progress toward accomplishing the scope of work.  While it is assumed that independent consultants would be the most interested in this work, firms are also encouraged to submit proposals, with key personnel identified – proposed rates should include detailed breakdowns of indirect costs, if applicable. If the proposed Key Personnel is employed by an organization, the appropriate cost reimbursable contractual mechanism will be determined at the time of selection. 


Instructions and Deadline
Responses to this RFP should be submitted by email to Lina Constien, Program Officer, Alive & Thrive at no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard (Washington, DC) time on November 22, 2017. Please follow the instructions carefully.  Proposals which do not follow these instructions may not be reviewed. Offers received after this date and time may not be accepted for consideration. FHI will acknowledge receipt of your proposal by email. Proposals must be submitted in electronic format using Microsoft Office compatible software.

Any questions or requests for clarification need to be submitted in writing to the same email address noted above by November 8, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (Washington, DC time). Answers will be shared with all consultants and bidders that have expressed interest; they will also be posted publicly on the website. No telephone inquiries will be answered.



For the full Request for Proposals and BioData Form, please click on the links.

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